Wireless dash camera brief introduction

//Wireless dash camera brief introduction

Wireless dash camera brief introduction

Wireless dash camera is the camera itself can launch WiFi signal, which no longer need the traditional data wire, and use Bluetooth, Wifi technology, or more advanced wireless transmission technology.We can access these captured videos with smart device such as cellphone,tablet;effectively reducing wiring in car , and achieve good recording effect.

Wireless dash camera features:

1.Wifi dash camera support Android,IOS smart cellphone,with mobile app,user can access and share these videos instantly.

2. With cloud storage function, captured video can stored in online server, viewing online,so that the video recording time is unlimited.

3.Mini portable design, can take with your everywhere, a variety of applications to record good times in life.

4. A smart device can support multi wireless dash cameras, maximum 4 connections at the same time, strengthen in car as well as home security system.

5.its main purpose is to recording video while vehicle running, but can also be used in household, shops, warehouses and other places for monitoring purpose, by the way, it can also envoved in bike, motorcycle activities.

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