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What is parking sensor ?

The parking sensors are capable of detecting obstacles that are present in front or at the back of the vehicle ( such as car, truck, bus, caravan, SUV, cargo van ) when parking. The sensors will alert when the objects are spotted. Parking sensor is actually an ultrasonic monitoring system for the safety of parking your vehicle. The sensors are placed on the rear bumper of your vehicle. They use ultrasonic waves to detect the distance of the object.

Once the object is detected, an alert will be sent to you. The tone of the alert will get faster as you get close to the object. Luview parking sensor is great for trucks , buses, cargo van etc as their huge body makes backing impossible on their own. Hence, it helps you park your vehicle safely.

Why should you buy Luview parking sensor ?

It Will Not Cost A lot

The market is flooded with car parking sensors, making it challenging to select. The cost of the parking sensors varies depending on the factors. The cost of the parking sensor can be as low as $100. Installing the sensor is lower than the repairing cost of your bumper. If you need more information about the parking sensor price, feel free to email us at [email protected] with your detailed requirements, we will provide exact solution for your needs.

Helps In Keeping Your Vehicle Safety

Another reason for buying Luview parking sensor is that it will help you prevent damage to your car or other vehicle. Parking is one of the most difficult problems faced by every driver. With this device, you can now, park your vehicle safely in the tightest parking spots and even in the dark parking area. It will reduce the risk of banging into other cars.

Furthermore, the sensor will alert you when there is an item near your car. The frequency of the beep alert will increase when an object is in the close proximity of your vehicle. It will prevent you from hitting anything that is in your way.

It Can Work on All Vehicles

Thanks to this parking sensor, you can safely park your vehicle. Luview parking sensors can work on all types of vehicle: cars, SUVs, minivans, buses,trucks and other large vehicles. It is designed to make parking for large vehicles hassle-free.

Works Great With Camera

Luview parking sensors are a good choice as it can be installed with cameras. The sensor will alert you when there is an obstacle in your path. With the help of a camera, you can see the object, so you can park the car properly.

Reliable Quality

Luview is a professional car security system products developer and manufacturer from China with more than 13 years’ experience in this field, with our mature supply chain, strict quality control system, as well as rich experience cooperating with branded customers, we can provide perfect parking sensor products and solutions according to your specified needs at affordable price.