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What is side view camera ?

The side view camera is a camera mounted on both sides of the car. It is a subdivision of camera used in the car. You can use the
side view cameras to view the front and rear of the car lef side and the front and rear of the right side. You can install the side view
camera under left and right rearview mirrors.
The role of the side view camera is mainly used to view the pedestrians and obstacles on both sides of the car. It is very intuitive to
see the images on both sides of the car. The side view cameras shows you expanded view of a lane beside you when you use your turn signal, or when you activate the feature manually. Currently mainstream chip used in side view cameras is CMOS chips. There are also Sharp CCD and Sony CCD chip used in some high end side view cameras. Side view camera definition related to the camera chip and lens , good quality camera chip and lens ensures better definition; night vision effect aslo the same, at the same time infrared lights or
LED lights exposure compensation can help to improve image definition at night, if there is no night vision light compensation, no
matter how good the camera chips and lenses are, you can’t seen anything in the all black envirnoment, of course, there will be
some light ( may from car headlight ) compensation during the using of side view cameras.

Where shall we install the side view cameras ?

The side view cameras can be installed under the rearview mirror on both sides of the car. If the vehicle size is big, ( such as truck or trailer), a separate shelf can be added, and then the side view cameras can be mounted on the shelf.

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