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What is a rear view camera ?

A rear view camera is a car camera that uses a camera mounted on the rear part of the car. Together with the display screen installed in the car ( either mounted on the car dashboard or car rear view mirror ), they made up a complete rear view camera system. When car reversing, the real-time image behind the car can be seen. Rear view camera also being called rearview camera, backup camera, reversing camera, parking camera, actually, they are the same thing.

Types of rear view cameras

The rear view camera is divided into two types, wired rear view camera and wireless rear view camera. The wired rear view camera is simple and reliable, but it needs to be wired inside the vehicle. The wireless rear view camera does not require wiring inside the vehicle, and the installation is simple, but it needs to use extra wireless signal transmitter and receiver. However, the receiving effect of the wireless signal receiver is still not ideal, more or less will be affected by the use of the environment, especially for long vehicles such as truck, bus etc, wired rear view camera is still the mainstream of the whole rear view camera market.

Why should you buy rear view camera from Luview ?

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How to use rear view camera ?

After installation, the reverse image is automatically switched to lcd monitor while car reversing, no need other operations.

How to choose good rear view camera ?

1. rear view camera chips: CCD or CMOS ?

Chip is an important part of the rear view camera. They can be divided into CCD and CMOS depending on the components. CMOS is mainly used in reversing camera with lower image quality requirements. Its advantages are lower manufacturing cost and lower power consumption compared with CCD. The disadvantage is that CMOS cameras have higher requirements for light sources; CCD chip is high-end technical component used in photography and video which comes with a video capture card. CCD and CMOS have great technical and performance gaps. In general, CCDs have better performance, but they are also more expensive. It is recommended to choose a CCD chip rear view camera if your budget is not so tight.

2. definition

Definition is one of the most important indicators of the camera. In general, if the camera has high definition, the image quality will be better! How to buy a high definition rear view camera? The reversing camera generally uses the number of lines to distinguish definition, such as 420 lines, 480 lines, 500 lines, 580 lines, and 600 lines, high line numbers means high definition. However, high definition rear view camera night wisual effects will be discounted.

3. night vision

Usually good quality rear view cameras have night vision function, and will not affect the rendering effect. Normally night vision is called night vision if the rear view camera equipped with infrared light or white LED light. Without infrared light, it can only be said to be low illumination, and the imaging effect under the same light conditions will be better.

4. waterproof

The reversing camera generally designed with waterproof function, so that it can better protect the camera and extend the life of the reversing bakcup camera.

5. shock and dust proof

All rear view cameras have shockproof and dustproof function, as it is a basic requirement.

How to install rear view camera ?

First, remove the power supply cable from the on-board battery and place the removed cable away from the electrode to prevent accidental power on.
Second, determine the installation position of the car rear view camera, generally divided into two types:
One type is to install the rear view camera into the license plate light position of license plate holder, this kind of installation is relatively easy, just use the small screws provided inside the camera accessories package to fix the rearview camera on the position of the license plate light. Through the adjustment of iron pieces or gaskets in the accessories package, so that the reverse camera can achieve the best reversing view angle. The rear view camera’s cable passes through the gap in the license plate light and penetrates into the car, it is connected to the reversing light power supply and the video extension cable. This type of reversing camera is very popular, it has a more concealed appearance and is easier to install.
The other type installation should drilling a shole which embedded inside the bumper. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car. Because the bumper is a plastic oart, the camera is relatively easy when wiring.
Third, connect the rearview camera’s power cord to the reversing light power cord, connect the reversing camera’s video cable to the video extension cable, the other end of the video extension cable connected to the AV input port of the car monitor.
Finally, restore the battery power supply cable and start the car, hang up the reverse gear, you can see the reverse image on the car display.