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What is brake light camera ?

Brake light camera, as it is called, it is a backup camera built in ( combined with ) the third brake light, user or repair shop just replace exist brake light with our brake light camera, connect brake light camera power supply cables with exist brake light power cables, and then connect the camera monitor with video signal cables or by wireless signal transmitter and signal receiver. Customer don’t need to drilling ugly holes on the license plate or other positions.

Luview 3rd brake light cameras are designed to seamlessly incorporate with van, caravan, motorhome, cargo van such as Fiat Ducato, RAM ProMaster City, Chevrolet City Express, Iveco Daily, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Ford Transit, Nissan NV, GMC Savana as well as other van brand and models. Luview brake light cameras are exactly the same styles and use the same material as the original brake light, others even don’t know you have installed such a camera, it is more invisible and will not hurt the original van outer performance.

What are the advantages of Luview brake light camera?

Keep the original van brake light style
Integrated with or without LED brake lights ( depends on customer’s specified requirements )
IP68 100% waterproof ensure it reliable even in rainy weather
170 degree super wide view angle, and the lens can be easily adjusted, so user can have exact control of the viewing area
Have good night vision performance, detection area up to 35 ft in dark environment.
Easy installation, no need numurous tools and you can finish it in several minutes.
Either you do the brake light camera replacement yourself or ask a repair shop to help you, the cost will be low, as it is not a big job.
The biggest advantage is it provide safety vision around your vehcile at all times.

Whether you are automobile parts importer, car camera distributor, cargo van manufacturer, vehicle repair shop, car cameras trader, or auto parts reseller on Amazon, Ebay or other online shop, Shenzhen Luview Co.,ltd can provide satisfying brake light camera products, service and solution for you.