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Project Description

What is Luview WiFi Hidden Car Black Box System ?

The WiFi Hidden Car Black Box is controlled by the smart phone through the special APP, it will record the scenery during the driving journey, you can share the beautiful moment with others in real time. Whilst it can be providing instant evidence to defend yourself in the event of an accident.

Why you should choose WiFi hidden car black box system ?

Special customization for special car.

Original design, original style, original view.

Concealed installation to keep the car elegant.

Start-up automatic with the car ACC ignition system.

Real time video view, playback and download available.


advanced driver assistant system

recording storing circulatory

Features of Luview WiFi hidden car black box system

USA Ambarella 12 Sensor

High-end solution with the Ambarella 12 sensor, full high definition 1440P even for the night vision, high-efficiency anti-dazzle with HDR & WDR function,intelligent image stabilization.

Super Wide View Angle 170 Degrees

Superfine focusing, no distortion and no dark angle with the wide view angle 170 degrees lens, keeping the images clear and authentic.

Built-in G-sensor & Motion Detection

Parking monitoring, emergency recording 20 seconds automatically when the car is slam the brakes on or crashed in the stopping time with the G-sensor & motion detection functions.

Built-in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System)

As an auto adaptive cruise-control system to enhance car safety by alerting the driver to avoid potential problems and collisions.

Built-in WiFi

Connecting smart phone via the WiFi, get videos and operate it through the APP,supports video playback & download.

Recording & Storing Circulatory

With the coverage circulatory, when the TF card(maximum 32 GB) is full, the latest video file will cover the oldest video file.