Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cast Swivel Deck Hinge (82*32mm) Boat Marine Hardware

Stainless swivel hinges are high grade boat hardware fittigs for bimini deck mounting , it is quick release design and can revolved with 360 degree angle, allowing both top and side installation , guaranteed material and  quality control precision casting can ensure the high resistance and durability even in the saltwater environment.Choose hiever means you choose the top quality boat hardware with reasonable wholesale price!

Product Details

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cast  Swivel Deck Polished Hinge (82*32mm) Bimini Revolving Hinge

  • Material  : 100% marine grade  stainless steel
  • Dimension : 82*32mm
  • Surface Finishe : Fine Mirror Polished
  • Feature : Stainless steel quick release swivel deck hinge ,allowing top or side mounted with  360 degree angle ,high resistance and durability even in the saltwater environment. Bimini deck swivel hinge are made of solid and anti-corrosive stainless steel 316 , with good finish smooth surface to increase the grade of the whole vessels and boats .

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