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Project Description

What is Luview Agricultural Vehicle Camera System ?

Agricultural Vehicle Camera System [AVCS] is used for real-time monitoring on the agricultural vehicle. No matter the agricultural vehicle like tractors or the equipment like field straw chopper, reaper, planter, manure spreader, flauds plows etc . Luview agricultural vehicle camera system can help to control and monitoring the working situation. It ‘s a lot enhanced on production efficiency and technology.

Why you should choose Luview Agricultural Vehicle Monitoring System ?

Superior shockproof,dust-proof and waterproof to work under rigorous agricultural environment.

Wide range working voltage

Quad view screen

Built-in recorder (max,128GB SD card): real time recording, video playback

Support trigger display

Auto dim function available

Easy installation with magnetic holders and battery pack

Coiled cable solution could offer flexible equipment

Features of Luview Agricultural vehicle camera monitoring system

Wide Range Working Voltage

Most agricultural equipment or vehicle always require high working voltage products for installation. AVCS (Agricultural Vehicle Camera System) working voltage range could work with most of the agricultural equipment or vehicles.

Built-in Recorder of Monitor

No need extra recording devices, end-users could record the daily working situation of the harvester or other agricultural equipment. This built-in recorder could support up to 128G micro-SD card which is definitely for at least 2 days standard recording use.

Wireless System

Stable Wireless System could be used as AVCS (Agricultural Vehicle Camera System). Agricultural equipment and vehicle sometimes are difficult for installation by bracing cables. Superior stable wireless system could be a good option for farmers to install the AVCS (Agricultural Vehicle Camera System) easily.

Quad Picture of Monitor

Display When end-users install up to 4 cameras, they could still easily to monitor the 4 channels at the same time easily. This function is really helpful for farmers to monitor the working situation of each part on the equipment or vehicle.

Magnetic Base

Magnetic Base for cameras could help to simplify the installation especially with the wireless system. Magnetic Base is coated with rubber which will not
damage the mounting surface or camera. End-users do not need any screws or drills to stick the cameras on easily.

High level of Dust-proof and Shockproof

Rigorous agricultural working circumstance requires strong cameras and monitors. AVCS (Agricultural Vehicle Camera System) with high level of Dust-proof and Shockproof performance which could be used for most agricultural working circumstance.  All of the cameras could meet the highest waterproof rating lP69K.