How to maintain car reverse camera ?

//How to maintain car reverse camera ?

How to maintain car reverse camera ?

Car reverse camera is closely related with driving safety, so the installation of a good quality, cost- effective reversing car camera is particularly important, but if you want the reverse camera to continue serve you and ensure vehicle driving safety, then you should know some relevant maintenance knowledge of reverse camera and well done the maintenance.

Luview reverse car camera maintenance tips:
1, do not pull and twist the cable, including the reversing monitor and reverse camera;
2, do not use irritating detergent or organic solvent to wipe the camera;
3, keep the car reverse camera away from oil, steam, moisture, moisture, dust and other substances,
avoid direct contact with water;
4, try to avoid exposing the reverse camera directly to the sunshine, so as not to damage the camera image sensor component;
5, non-essential circumstances, do not disassemble the reversing car camera yourself or trying to touch its internal parts, it is easy to cause damage to the reversing camera, once it is damaged, dealer will not cover the warranty guarantee;
6, the car reverse camera should be stored in a clean, dry place.

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