How Does Truck Parking Sensor Work And Why You Need Parking Sensors ?

//How Does Truck Parking Sensor Work And Why You Need Parking Sensors ?

How Does Truck Parking Sensor Work And Why You Need Parking Sensors ?

Are you wondering how does a truck parking sensor work? There was a time when drivers had a challenging time parking the trucks or bus perfectly. Nowadays, it is not a daunting task because of the truck parking sensors.

The truck parking sensors are the devices that help you park your truck or bus in a safe manner. The working of these sensors is quite simple. They are capable of detecting obstacles in the way. In this article, we have focused on the working of the truck parking sensors.

How Does Truck Parking Sensor Work?

In recent times, there are many parking sensors that are available under various names. Though they have a different, there are only two types: electromagnetic and ultrasonic.

How Does A Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Work?

The ultrasonic parking sensor system is installed on the rear bumper of truck. These sensors use a sonar that helps in determining the distance and the direction of an item. The distance is calculated by the time taken by the sound wave to reach the object and return back.

The sensor features an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles when parking. Most of the sensors at the front bumper can detect objects up to 4 feet. On the other hand, the back sensors are capable of identifying obstacles up to 8 feet.

Moreover, the system will send noticeable alerts when there is an obstacle behind your truck or bus. The duration of the alerts will be reduced as you get closer to the objects. It is the most popular type of parking sensor that is used widely.

How Does An Electromagnetic Parking Sensor Work?

Another type of the parking sensor is the electromagnetic sensor. This sensor uses the electromagnetic waves to detect objects in the way of your vehicle. On the rear bumper of the truck, a transceiver strip is installed that produces elliptical near field. The nearby items that have the specific mass requirement interrupt the field. Then, the detector identifies the change in the voltage and send the data to the computer in your truck. After that, the computer studies the information to figure out the distance of the obstacle and send a warning using tones. This sound tends to get louder and faster when the truck gets close to the object.

Why you need truck parking sensors ?

The reasons why you should still use parking sensor system even when the rear view camera technology is so mature is because of the rear view cameras can’t detect the exact distance between your vehicle and the obstacle, while to know the exact distance between vehicle and obstacle is very important to bus or truck.

A Final Word

In today’s advanced world, the sensors have become more helpful. Parking sensors come with cameras that will show you which part of your vehicle is close to the obstacle. It is a great system that will make it easy and safe to park your car. A great thing about these sensors is that it can be installed on any vehicle not only on truck and bus.

Therefore, it is a great choice to invest in the Luview’s Parking Sensor System. This is because, now, you can reverse your car or any vehicle with more confidence. It is the best choice as it features a broad detection angle that will avoid side impale and alerts the driver well before the collision. Another great thing about this sensor is that it is compatible with the camera, making parking your vehicle hassle-free.

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