Hitechpcb provides PCBA assembly manufacturing services, low to medium MASS production volume. Our professional SMT factory has advanced equipments, such as:

the world-class stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, solder reflow, and in-line testing and steel mesh manufacturing.

AOI test machine and X-ray testing machines for quality check.

Inspection Methods
AOI Testing
•Checks for solder paste
•Checks for components down to 0201″
•Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity
X-Ray Inspection
X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of:
•Micro BGAs
•Chip scale packages
•Bare boardsIn-Circuit Testing

In-Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by component problems.
•Power-up Test
•Advanced Function Test
•Flash Device Programming
•Functional testing