Dashboard camera being popular in China, shall we be proud of this ?

//Dashboard camera being popular in China, shall we be proud of this ?

Dashboard camera being popular in China, shall we be proud of this ?

First, let’s take a look at what is the dashboard camera ( also being called dash camera, dash cam, car black box,driving recorder etc ). The dashboard camera is an instrument that records information such as images,sounds,videos along the running of the vehicle. After the installation of dashboard camera, it can record the whole process of car driving video,images and sound, and provide evidence for traffic accidents. People who like touring with his own car can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. Sometimes you can do parking monitoring with some additional features. However,once you have installed the driving recorder, recorded video can not be cut, if being cut, these videos can’t provide any hep for accidents.

Secondly, let’s take a look at why the dashboard camera is so hot in China. Dashboard camera has been popular and became a must have equipment for car owners in the last few years ,within just 2 years,there are dozens of dashboard camera brands and product categories in the market, the price and function varies.

Is dashboard camera really useful ? “If the car has a dashboard camera, things are much easier.Access the recorded video in dashboard camera,and we can see who hit who first at a glance.This can be used as favorable evidence of accident responsibility judgement . “A police officer said, according to his understanding, many car owners buy dashboard camera,mainly to prevent” road fraud “, that is, people deliberately hit you.So that if you want to be more safe driving, you can install a dashboard camera on your car, which can also avoid a lot of things happen, anyway, the price is not very expensive.

But we really should be so proud of it? This thing has become a unique product of China ! Because of the dashboard camera, the behavior of male driver beat the female driver was exposed, public stand on the female driver side; but also because the dashboard camera, the behavior of female driver change lanes random during the driving has also recorded,then the public stand on the opposite side again.

What has dashboard camera bring to us ? It is lack of trust between people, perhaps this is the reality of China now ! Our life seems can’t maintaining without the camera ! Although it is only driving,we may still need more reflection !

Let’s see how dashboard camera play its role in foreign countries:

In Germany, whether the images or videos recorded by dashboard camera can be used as evidence or not, there is still no clear legal regulations. In Germany, personal information protection is very important. Although the German Ministry of Transportation and other relevant departments have also been discussed, but still no conclusion on dashboard camera.

Some countries in the Europe are allowed to use the dashboard, In some countries dashboard camera have been used by consumers, but the government is persuading citizens prohibited to use, and some countries are completely prohibited.But generally speaking,the majority of countries allowed public to use dashboard camera.

Allowed countries: United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Norway,Sweden, Spain, Serbia.
Consumers use, but the government bans and persuade to be prohibited countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal,Switzerland.
Countries that are completely banned from usage of dashboard camera : Austria.

Many qualifying conditions have also been developed in many countries that are allowed to use the dashboard camera. Such as Germany is one of the representatives. Although allowed to use dashboard camera, but the video data can not be published, can not be used as evidence.

Switzerland is a country that is very sensitive for personal information protection. The Swiss government stipulates that a dashboard camera can not be used in public places.

Luxembourg stipulates that although individuals can have a dashboard camera, but if it record someone else’s privacy and has been found, the drivier will be arrested,even use the images from the screenshot is also prohibited.

Austria is a country complete prohibition the usage of dashboard camera, if being found using dashboard camera by police, driver will be punished a fine amount about 1000$.

In the United States, some states are allowed to use the dashboard camera, and some states are prohibited. Of course, those countries and regions who allow the usage of camera , will prohibit the disclosure of personal information as the most important point. At present in Germany, more and more driver using dashboard camera, but the protection of personal information has always been to strengthen, voice of prohibiting dashboard camera has been rising. The balance between dashboard camera and personal information protection should be carefully considered by the German government in the future.

Summary: dashboard camera is indeed a double-edged sword,perhaps we should also be pondered, whether dashboard camera has been excessive used. I think Chinese government should also introduce policies, like European countries, to limit the spread of images and videos recorded by dashboard camera,to better protect personal information.

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