car dashboard camera 4 main usages

//car dashboard camera 4 main usages

car dashboard camera 4 main usages

More and more private cars on the road, various traffic accidents became more frequently. And road fraud incident happens one after another everyday,many car owners are considering to buy a dashboard camera, But quite a lot of them still in wait and see status, many car owners questioned is dashboard camera really useful? Many car owners has a wrong understanding about the dashboard camera,for example, some car owners think that dashboard camera can be used as a home DV camera, in fact, this is totally wrong.Let’s take a look to check what is the real usage of dashboard camera.

Usage 1: The main usage of the dashboard camera is equivalent to the black box for the aircraft. After the accident you can get the whole process by video, retain the most real scene for user. In the event of traffic affaris,the video taken by the dashboard camera can be used as evidence.

Usage 2: “road fraud” killer, some road fraud veteran veteran will be eyeing the newbie driver, once they had a scratch with these road fraud veteran , it is likely to be carry out extortion, if you have a dashbaord camera,you can provide yourself with effective evidence.

Usage 3: Convenient and quick insurance claims. If there is no videos, the insurance claims process will be relatively long, if you direct provide driving video to the insurance company, you can quickly get claims.

Usage 4: Some dashboard camera can be used to do night monitoring during parking, but the current development of this technology is still not mature. Car repair master suggest if you are about to purchase dashboard camera with such function, you should consider it carefully.

We suggest every car owner especially the newbie driver to buy a dashboard camera for backup usage.

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