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Company Profile

Shenzhen Luview Co., Ltd was founded since 2006, it is a leading technology company which is engaged in developing, researching, producing and selling in-car rear view system and products. Our main products include AHD camera system, 360 bird view camera system, crane tower system , forklift wireless camera system, brake light camera, truck parking sensor system, car black box, car lcd display etc. The aim of Luview’s growth is “professional, concentration and attentive”. Our company has a professional team with “stable, united, enterprising and innovative”. We will arrange the existing employees and the newcomers to do the In-service and the Pre-service Training, in order to make each staff to be capable, conscientious excellence staff to be competent in his own field and provide the best products and perfect services to our customers. Luview operates according to ISO/TS16949 quality management system strictly. To insure the best quality of our products, we strictly carry out the international standard from raw material purchasing, production and processing, product detection, package to delivery. According to the actual needs of the products applied installation, we provide the custom-made products service a wide range services include products’ design, structure, function, package and etc.; To insure the final products will exactly meet customers’ needs. We also provide the OEM and ODM service. Luview is an import and export manufacture private enterprise. Luview has passed the ISO/TS16949 certificate and all of our products have EMARK, ATEX, SAE, DOT, CE, FCC, RoHS etc certificates.

Service features:
1.Professional product orientation: In-car rearview products.
2.Moderate price, unlimited on MOQ, immediately delivery time for small amount orders, (normally in 5 days);
3.Stable quality and we can offer the products’ certificates, eg. EMARK, ATEX, SAE, DOT, CE, FCC, RoHS etc.;
4.Offer the LOGO silk printing service without MOQ limited.
5.Offer the design service for products and gift box.
6.Offer the functional software development service for the products. Get latest price, send us your inquiries today.

Factory Details Show

We hope you can know more about our company in the following.

Our Facilities

We have our laboratory which is equipped with kinds of facility to do serious tests for our products.

Our old brackets are used in ageing test for our products, so that we can realize which one in our products is basic good product, and which one need to come back for manufacturing again. Then, the good products which have passed the ageing test will accept the other test in our laboratory, that is low-high temperature test, vibration test, tension test and swing test.

We always believe “quality is first, development based on  sincerity !”,  and we also try our best to accomplish it. We wish everyone know a reality that we not only want to make money, but also we want to enlarge our business, our quality business, sincerity business.

Our Factory

We are one of the leading technology manufacturer in China, specialized in researching and manufacturing car security solution products. We have own manufacturing factory and researching team as our strong ability support, so we have enough ability to provide more personalized services for our clients, such as customized service, warranty service or investigation on the spot.

Our factory have kinds of different department to manage, manufacture and test car camera products. Researching department focus on studying new car camera products or analyse the new products’ performance. Manufacturing department mainly manufacture our car security solution product, then the test department will distinguish these products as two types: bad product and good product, the first test step is to put all of products on the old bracket, so they can find the good products among of them by ageing test until 24 hours later or more time. Of course, the good products which have passed the ageing test will accept other more serious tests until they are regarded as quality products, then the bad products which do not have passed all the test will be brought back to manufacture again.

Manufacturing Processes

In-car rear view car cameras are used in the car, showing their abilities in the car on the driving way, so we must ensure our car camera products work normally under kinds of serious environment such as shaking, high_low temperature, vibration, swing.

As an in-car rear view camera supplier and manufacturer in China, we manufacture our product in our factory with serious quality test. All of our staffs do their manufacturing work hardly,  we encourage staffs produce high quality products  and give them bonus as a praise for manufacturing most quality products.

Your safety is our business, we will try our best to manufacture quality car camera to make sure your safety driving.

Quality Control

Any materials we purchase from outside must be checked up though several special person. Firstly, our buyer will check up material from different manufacturers before he purchase their material, then when the materials come to our factory, we also have special department managers check these materials to make sure their department can develop next manufacturing work well, if there are unqualified material among them, we will pick them up to the material seller for exchanging qualified goods.

Quality products is based on good quality control, so we keep a serious quality control for our materials. We hope what we have done for these purchasing materials can reduce the quantity of unqualified in-car rear view car camera products, which can save a lot of manufacturing time and submit products to our clients in advance.

Finished Products Test

In terms of finished products, our factory has a series of test methods to check up whether they are qualified products or unqualified products according to the international standard of in-car rear view car system products.

As you can see in the pictures, there are kinds of test facilities in our factory to do ageing test, vibration test, swing test, tension test, low-high temperature test and manual test. we do the tests for every car camera products, because we hope our clients satisfy our products all the time.

Package Processes

Generally speaking, we always package our products according to the standard carton package. We provide installation instruction and installing bracket for product. We also paste QC label for every product package.

Of course, according to the actual needs of products applied installation, if our clients have their requirements about packages, we also provide custom-made service in package, design, structure, function and so on.

Our Office

As a leading technology in-car camera enterprise, we do not only have mature technology researching team as our technology support to study new products, but also we have excellent sales team to find suitable purchaser for our quality car cameras products.

We hope our staff will work with a happy super emotion, we believe if you have a good emotion, you will have a great work efficiency. So we decorate our office as modern, green, comfortable and simple place with LED lighting, green plant and simple white color, which totally is young people’s love style.

We are big family!!!